Paul Ujihiro Niwa,

Master of Science 1993, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Bachelor of Arts 1992, Economics, University of California, Riverside


Nationally recognized journalism innovator and professor with over 20 years of experience creating stories that inform minds and engage hearts. Launched two networks, six newscasts and one of the world’s first internet newscasts. Frequent commentator on media ethics and the journalism industry. Expert legal witness on journalistic sourcing. Raised nearly $700,000 from external sources for journalism projects.

Professional Appointments

Emerson College, Department of Journalism 2001­-

Chair of journalism (2012-Present)

Led the Journalism Department through a major revision of the graduate curriculum, a governance restructuring and a strategic planning process. Increased student retention and new student applications. Won approval for a laptop one-to-one project and created a financial, professional development and communication strategy to sustain it. Served on a task force to evaluate the School of Communication and set a new strategic direction. Joined a presidential delegation to open a relationship with a university in Japan and organized a course that visited Japan.

Scholar-in-Residence (2001-2004), Assistant Professor (2004-2010), Associate Professor (2010-Present)

Appointed as a broadcast journalist. Courses taught: Online Journalism; Broadcast Newswriting; TV News Producing; TV News Magazine and Documentary; Business News; Newsroom Management; Journalism History; Ethics and Values.

Independent Consultant, September 2000­-       Present

Founded a limited liability company. Advised companies on media strategy. Coached journalists on news writing. Served as an expert witness on anti-defamation cases.


StockHouse Media, 2000

Senior Vice President, Broadband & Chief Editor

Created one of the world’s first online newscasts.  Responsible for broadband strategy and original content for the world’s fifth largest financial news site. Created budgets, hired management, and set editorial goals for nine offices on four continents. Published a standards and practices manual. Supervised the launch of the Hong Kong editorial office. Advised StockHouse on media law, journalistic ethics and international strategy. Project manager for the construction of the Wall Street office. Conducted due diligence reviews on potential investments. Wrote business plan. Invented a customized newscast system and prosecuted a patent.

NBC 1995­-2000


Launched two international television networks and five news programs for NBC and CNBC.  In charge of “This Morning’s Business,” America’s most popular morning business program and “Today’s Business,” CNBC’s second most watched program.  Responsible for business and financial content for “Early Today,” NBC News’s early morning program and the “NBC Asia Evening News,” the flagship program of the NBC Asia channel. Reported on the world’s largest gold mine hoax, the Asian Financial Crisis and numerous corporate mergers and scandals.

Other Experience

Launched a morning newscast as a producer for Gannett’s WFMY-TV in Greensboro, NC (1994‐1995). Produced newscasts for Newschannel 8 in Washington, DC (1993‐1994). Other free‐lance work for the New York Times, CBS Radio Network, Pacifica Radio and public radio stations (1989‐1992).

Scholarly Research, Creative Works and Exhibitions

Mass Perfection volumes 1 & 2, Editor

One of the first authors to publish an iPad multitouch book on Apple’s App Store. Led a class that produced a two-volume book on the human pursuit of perfection. Created the YouTube Channel DIYJourno to document the Apple iBooks Author application. DIYJourno became one of the most popular ways on the internet to learn the software. Published May 2012., Developer

Created a website and Facebook social media campaign that collected more than 7,000 messages of hope in six weeks from American school children to Tohoku earthquake survivors in Japan.  Mapped the Genki Notes on a website. Arranged for the Genki Notes to be translated by Kobe earthquake survivors. Mapped the Genki Notes on a website. Led a group of journalists to Northeastern Japan to deliver the Genki Notes to emergency shelters. Launched April 2011.


EC Journalism, Developer and Editor

Published iPad and Android Apps that deliver multimedia, interactive magazines.  Developed the app and edited the magazine content created by students.  Available on Apple’s App Store, Android Marketplace and Amazon’s App Store, May 2011.

The New Normal Project, Executive Producer

Created a Flash website to help Americans realize how the Great Recession had changed their values and expectations.  Implemented with a student producer and an online journalism class.  Launched December 2010.

Town and Gown, Executive Producer

Created a Flash and Drupal website about Town and Gown issues in Boston.  Implemented with a student producer and an online journalism class. Launched August 2010.

Ethnic Newspaper Sourcing

This study found that ethnic newspaper sourcing is similar in quality to metropolitan daily newspapers.  It also found evidence of racial bias in Asian American newspapers when covering politicians.  Presented at the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), August 2009. 

Proximity and Hyperlocal Reporting, Author

This paper found evidence that a hyperlocal reporter’s geographic proximity to the story affects source diversity.  Presented at the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), August 2009.

AsIAm with Helen Zia, co-Producer, Author

Produced a one‐hour public radio program on the concept of “home” told by Asian American journalists, poets and scholars.  Received a National Gracie Award for “Outstanding Special Program.” Aired nationally on public radio stations, May 2008.

Source Diversity within a Reporter’s In‐Group, Author

This study measured the role newsroom racial diversity plays in access to ethnic neighborhoods.  Paper presentation at the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), August 2007. Third Place Faculty Research Paper from the AEJMC Minorities and Communication Division., Creator

An online social map, database and vlog of Boston’s Chinatown.  Launched database in December 2005. Cited by the American Press Institute’s Newspaper Next study. Honored by the Knight Batten Awards for Innovation in Journalism 2007.  Finalist for the AEJMC Great Ideas for Teachers Award 2007.


Emerson in Beijing, Conceptual Creator

Created a geotagged map of photographic, video and text content chronicling Beijing during the Olympic Games in 2008.  Implemented the project through students and a faculty member who worked at the Olympics.

Cash and Carry, Conceptual Creator

Created the concept for a geotagged map of photographic and video content showing the cash-only stores in Boston.  Implemented the project through a student producer and online journalism class December 2008.

Overshadowed, Boston’s Chinatown, Executive Producer

A video documentary on the gentrification of Asian American neighborhoods.  Screened nationally in 2005.  Won a 2006 Evvy Award for Best Documentary.

Rising from the Ashes, Producer

A documentary on Asian American domestic violence. Aired nationally on PBS stations as a part of the program “Asian America” in 2002.

Today’s Business in Europe, Producer

A three-hour special for CNBC on the introduction of the Euro Currency. Broadcasted live on three continents. Aired January 2000.

Countdown Asia, Producer

A half‐hour special video news report with a live interview on the Space Shuttle with India’s first woman astronaut and Japan’s first space walker. Aired live on CNBC Asia November 1997.

Five Stars Over Hong Kong, Producer

A special video news report on Hong Kong’s handover for CNBC Asia & NBC Asia.  Responsible for coverage of the evacuation of Hong Kong by the British military.  Aired live on June 30, 1997.

Eye of the Beholder, Co-Producer

A 30 minute video documentary about the surgeon who invented the procedures to fix the cleft pallet and Asian blephroplasty. Screened at the Washington, DC Asian American Film Festival 1993.

Forgive but not Forget, Producer

A one hour radio documentary about the Japanese American Internment. Aired on Pacifica Radio and NPR in 1993.


Icehouse, Reporter

A radio documentary short about Asian American humor. Aired 1992 on Pacifica and NPR stations.   Won a 1993 Golden Mike Award for “Best Feature Reporting” from the Southern California Radio Television News Association (RTNA).

Market Tensions, Producer

A radio documentary about racial tensions in South Central Los Angeles before the LA Riots. Aired 1991 on Pacifica and NPR stations. Won a 1992 Golden Mike Award for “Best Documentary” from RTNA.

Other Publications

“Taking Control of the News,” a book chapter for Asian American Experiences, published Summer 2012.

“New Media Tips from Jacob Riis,” Columbia Journalism Review, January 2011.

“Dispelling iPad App Development,” available on Kindle, published August 2011.

“Ethnic Connectivity,” an essay for Gaiko Forum, a Japanese foreign affairs journal, published January 2010.

“Asian Americans in the News,” “Hurricane Katrina and Asian Americans,” a chapter for the Greenwood Encyclopedia on Contemporary Asian American Issues, published February 2010.

“Community Embraces a Converged Journalism-Sourcing Project,” the Convergence Newsletter, University of South Carolina, June 2008.

Special Lectures, Speeches and Presentations

Numerous interviews given to PBS, public radio, Al Jazeera, Deutsch Radio, and newspapers around the world.

“Not Your Father’s Newsroom,” a plenary presentation to the Journalism Education Association National High School Journalism Convention, November 2013.

“Academic Exchange – Quality as well as Quantity,” US Japan Council Conference, October 2013.

“The American TV Formula,” an invited guest lecture for Shandong Television in China. Also presented lectures at several universities in Shandong Province, August 2013.

“Making Memorable Moments,” lecture at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, March 2012.

“Dispelling iPad App Development,” a presentation for the Association of Asian American Journalists, Detroit, August 2011.

 “Diversity: In my life, in my Profession, and in my Country,” a guest lecture at Kobe University School of Law, May 2009.

 “Building Online and Offline Communities,” a plenary presentation for the Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC) Leadership and Network Summit April 2009.

 “Connecting Communities,” a plenary presentation for the Grassroots Use of Technology Conference, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, June 2008.

“Be a Champion for Diversity,” a paper presentation to Forum 21 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo, March 2007.

 “Five Story Structures for the Web,” a presentation for the New England Newspaper Association, January 2006.

“Press Freedom in a Time of Crisis” a panel speaker, National Communication Association Annual Convention, November 2005.

 “Work is Overrated,” University of California, Riverside School of Humanities and Social Sciences Commencement Address 1998.

Editorial Board Memberships and Award panels

US Japan Council Board of Directors and Communications Chair 2009-2014 (founding board member).

Institute for Asian American Studies at UMASS Boston Community Advisory Panel 2007-Present.

The Pacific Citizen Newspaper Editorial Board 2008-2013.

Asian American Journalists Association New England Chapter Board 2008-2012.

Catholic Press Awards Judge 2009 & 2010.

Suburban Newspaper Awards Judge 2007.

Associated Press Online Regional News Awards Judge 2005.

Online News Awards Screening Judge 2000 & 2001.


2016 US-Japan Council TOMODACHI Inouye Scholars program.

2013 Japan Foundation Grant to take a history class to Japan.

2009 & 2010 Japan Foundation Grant to create the US-Japan Postgraduate Journalism Fellowship.

California State Library System Grant for the digitization of the Pacific Citizen Newspaper. 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Other Awards and Honors

US-Japan Leadership Symposium & Delegation 2011.  Traveled to Japan with Senator Daniel Inouye to meet government, corporate and NGO leaders key to the US-Japan relationship.

Meeting of Ambassadors, Consuls General and Japanese Americans, Delegate 2009 & 2011.  Chaired an action group in 2011 to draft recommendations to increase Education Exchange between the US and Japan.


Common Agenda Roundtable (CART) (2009).  One of 15 editors, columnists and scholars invited by Dokkyo University and the Shanghai Daily Newspaper to discuss Asian foreign policy and journalism.  Led a discussion on Japan’s DPJ government.  Panel speaker on nationalism and foreign affairs journalism.  Served as a conference discussant speaker.

US-Japan Postgraduate Journalism Fellowship American Coordinator (2009 & 2010).  Developed and managed a journalism fellowship for graduate students for the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.  Sixteen fellows from eight colleges traveled to Japan to meet foreign correspondents, Japanese bureaucrats and foreign policy students.

Beijing Olympics Faculty Coordinator (2008).  Invited by the Beijing Olympic Committee to bring 35 students to Beijing to be media volunteers at the Games.

Japanese American Leadership Delegation (2008).  Invited by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to join a delegation of distinguished Japanese Americans to discuss US-Japan relations with the Prime Minister, Governor of Fukuoka, the US Ambassador and business leaders.

Outstanding Young Alumnus Award (2000).  University California, Riverside.

Quoted in Mervin Block’s books Broadcast Newswriting: Shorter, Sharper, Stronger, Broadcast Newswriting: The RTNDA Reference Guide and Writing News for TV and Radio.

Professional Society Memberships

Asian American Journalists Association (1991‐Present).

Asian Americans in New England Research Initiative (2004-Present).

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (2005‐Present).

Japanese American Citizens League (2008-Present).

Journalism Educators Association (2015-Present).

Association of Asian American Studies (2004‐2008).